Here they are! After countless times students have begged and pleaded for hem...The Dad Videos! Each week my Dad, a retired science teacher, sends me a video he thinks my students will be amazed by...and they are!!!! Please click on any video and see something new or interesting! This is for you Dad!!!!

Backward Brain Bicycle

Ken Block's Gymkhana Part Two-Autodrome, France

Boeing Preps 787-9 Dreamliner for Farnborough Airshow

Go Pro Launched in 2013 Shows Grand Canyon from Space

Jessica Ambats-Ariel Photography

Ice Tsunami

Formula 1 Pit Stop 1950 Vs. Today

China Opens Largest Single Structure

Frozen Bubbles

Amazing Artist-Bruce Lee

Amazing 3D Glass of Water Drawing

Catching Kirby Chambliss

The Cup Song in Gaelic

CCI Tattersalls Eventing, Ireland

The German

The Swamp Fox

Bugatti Veyron vs. the McLaren F1

Ken Block Burns up Buffalo Gymkhana 9