Ms. Lyons' Class

Grade 5,

Huntersville Elementary School

Welcome to Ms. Lyons' Class where you are A LYONS FOR LIFE!

Many students noticed on back to school night that there were a lot of students returning to say hello, even though they had moved on to middle school, and some high school! They realized that to be in Ms. Lyons' class, you are a Lyons' for life!

Back to school pic.JPG
Always LOVE seeing my former students at Meet the Teacher Night!!!
Crazy hat day.png
Crazy Hair and Hat Day!



  • EOG's start may 25th!

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Nightly Homework:

  • Research has shown that homework is a valuable tool in helping students make the most of their experience in school. We give homework because it reinforces, extends, or prepares students for classroom learning. Homework teaches responsibility and helps students develop positive study habits.

  • We teachers will assign homework Monday through Friday nights. Homework should take approximately ninety minutes to complete each night.

  • Reading: Read for AT LEAST 30 minutes every night and sign reading log.

  • Math: Excel Math Worksheet and another Math worksheet on what we covered in class that day.

  • Science/ Social Studies: Pre-read lesson, complete visual vocabulary activities, or worksheets.